German banks: Rising risk aversion for property loans

As the current ECB Bank Lending Survey shows, a slender majority of banks in Germany intends in coming months to tighten their guidelines for approving property loans to private households. This is the first time since the European Mortgage Credit Directive was translated into law in Germany in spring 2016 that banks have declared such an intention. Back then the banks were responding with greater caution to the uncertainties resulting from implementing the directive.

A key factor behind the current tightening of loan approval standards is the sharp rise in property prices in German conurbations. While there is no sign of a general property price bubble in Germany, in some regions there are increasingly excessive valuations for housing in various cities that give cause for concern. Furthermore, in some regions, mortgages have burgeoned. The current tightening to their loan approval guidelines some banks plan is an appropriate response to this state of affairs. In our assessment, this marks a turnaround in the trend for banks’ credit approval policies and is likely to become more pronounced in the immediate future.

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