Political restart necessary in Great Britain

British Prime Minister Theresa May wants to put her Brexit treaty to the vote for the fourth time in Parliament in June. But the chances of success are slim, although this time she is trying to organise a majority beforehand. But it is becoming increasingly clear that May is no longer a recognised moral and intellectual leader. But that’s exactly what is needed in Britain right now. The country and parliament are divided, and the head of government should be able to assert himself for the good of the country because of his authority. Theresa May has not been able to achieve this for a long time. Accordingly, it is not surprising that her party, the Tories, is now demanding a clear date for May’s resignation. Some aspirants are already warming up to succeed her, especially Boris Johnson. However, he will hardly be able to bridge the differences and unite. Rather, he can be expected to deepen the division of the country with his polarizing policies.

What is actually needed in Great Britain now is a Prime Minister who can find compromises. Unfortunately, such a personality is not in sight at the moment. New elections would then be the logical consequence of the political standstill, but here too one should not expect a happy ending. The population itself is also divided. And the parties currently have no adequate supply of capable personnel in their own ranks. Without a radical change in British policy, the prevailing dilemma will not be resolved. Even if the government is reshuffled or the political staff is reorganised, I do not expect any lasting change as long as no new ideas from outside are allowed. However, the political system in England has always had its difficulties with this. A quick solution to the Brexit dilemma is therefore unlikely. One should prepare oneself for a sustained hanging game, an extension of the current situation by several years. Economically and perhaps also politically, this would not be the worst solution.

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