When reality becomes too complicated

The corona pandemic has put the economy and society in many countries to a severe test. Not everyone is able to adapt to the changed reality. There are many losers among companies, even in sectors that have so far been favored by the zeitgeist, such as tourism and air travel. They have to fight for survival and are partly dependent on state aid.

There are also groups in society that cannot cope with the new reality and are currently making themselves noisy. In some cases, the existence of the virus is simply negated. Simple solutions are sought to escape the complexity of the world. The heroes of these people are often politicians such as Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin, who give the impression that a simple world view and tough action can lead to the solution of problems.

In this particular world, there is a fundamental mistrust of all institutions. This includes the banks and the financial system. Among the investment opportunities here, gold has traditionally been particularly popular. For it is considered a timeless store of value that can also help to survive profound systemic crises. For some years now, crypto-currencies have certainly also belonged to this investment category. They enjoy great popularity, especially in „system-critical“ circles, and have risen sharply in price in recent months. Since they – unlike gold – do not have an „intrinsic“ value, however, their sustained value has yet to prove itself.

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