About this blog

When Stefan Bielmeier, Chief Economist and Head of DZ BANK AG’s Research and Economic Division, launched this blog about current economic, political and capital market developments in 2011, it was the first blog of its kind in Germany. Since then, Bielmeier has published over 3,000 blog posts with the support of DZ BANK AG’s economics and financial market experts.

Since 2014 DZ BANK’s Chief Economist has regularly published news through Twitter, and with the mobile app that was launched in the same year Bielmeier allows his readers to keep informed at all times. His first video blog appeared in the following year. In order to make his commentaries available to a broader public, Bielmeier has also been blogging in English since 2016.

The fact that Bielmeier places the focus on the right issues is shown by the high ratings of his blog posts and the increasing number of visitors with over 100,000 visitors a year. Those keen not to miss any blog posts register for the Newsletter and get – true to the blog’s motto – value-added knowledge.